Prevent Resource Discovery

This section describes options for preventing Hyperic resource discovery processes.

For information about different types of auto-discovery scanning, see Resource Auto-Discovery Processes.

Configure an Agent to Not Load a Plugin

If you do not want a Hyperic Agent to discover a resource, you can prevent the agent from loading the plugin. Specify the plugin or plugins that you do not want the agent to load at startup with the agent.exclude property in the file on the platform.

Remove Plugin from All Agents

You can remove a plugin from all agents with Plugin Manager. For more information, see Plugin Deployment and Management.

Disable Platform Service Discovery

To disable auto-discovery of platform services, update with the following property settings.



mirror /proc/net/tcp on linux





Add the netservices.netstat property to and set it to "false" to prevent the agent from auto-discovering network services running on the platform.


As installed, does not contain this property, and by default, an HQ Agent discovers network services running on a platform.

Disable Service Discovery for a Server Instance

If you do not want to the agent to discover the services running in a server, you can disable the behavior in the Monitoring section of the Configuration Properties page for a server instance.