Configure PostgreSQL Monitoring

Hyperic's PostgreSQL plugin uses the PostgreSQL statistics collector. Enable PostgreSQL to collect the required metrics, set the following the statistics parameters in postgresql.conf.

stats_start_collector = true
stats_block_level = true
stats_row_level = true

Optionally, set the following parameter to ensure that a database restart does not result in a gap in monitoring data.

stats_reset_on_server_start = false

Restart PostgreSQL after updating postgresql.conf.

Note that some metrics, for instance "Index Space Used" and "Database Space Used" are only incremented after a vacuum or analyze operation is performed.

PostgreSQL Configuration Tracking

In Hyperic 4.6.5, the PostgreSQL plugin uses a new plugin support class —-- org.hyperic.hq.product.FileChangeTrackPlugin --— that enables more detailed change tracking than available in previous versions of Hyperic. This plugin tracks the change type ("add", "delete", "modify", or "rename") and the actual changes in text files. For information about the new support class, see FileChangeTrackPlugin.

For PostgreSQL, the default the default value of the Configuration Files field, which specifies which files to track is:


When configuration tracking is enabled, this filter causes Hyperic to track:

  • In the PostgresqlHome/data directory, any files with a .conf extension.

  • In the configuration directory specified by the PGDATA environment variable, and any files with a .conf extension.

  • In the PostgresqlHome/data directory, any files with a .conf extension.

Configuration tracking for PostgreSQL is disabled by default. For information about how to enable configuration tracking and how to specify which files to track, see Set Up Configuration Tracking for a Resource in vFabric Hyperic Administration.