Nagios Availability

This page describes the Nagios Availability page in the VMware vFabric™ Hyperic® user interface.

View Nagios Resources and Metrics in Hyperic

View Nagios Service Detail

Select Nagios Availability from the Resources tab in the masthead.

The page displays the most recent results of the Nagios checks. This is the same information that is displayed on the Nagios Service Details page.

  • Host--- The host that the Nagios check is monitoring

  • Service — The Nagios plugin used to perform the check

  • Status — The Return Code from execution of the check

  • Last Check — When the check was last run

  • Event Log — Output of the plugin

Each line is color-coded:

  • Pink — monitored service is down.

  • Yellow — monitored service has triggered an alert, based on the threshold defined in Nagios.

  • Green — monitored service is OK.


View a Nagios Check

To view a Nagios check in the Hyperic User Interface

  1. Browse the the Nagios server resource using Resources > Browse > Servers > Nagios.

  2. Choose the Nagios server from the list of servers.

    • The Indicators tab for the Nagios server appears.

  3. In the Resources mintab, click the autogroup called "Nagios Plugin", which contains the Nagios checks.

  4. The first chart on the Indicators tab shows the average execution time for the all of the checks in the group.

    • Note: (Charts of average Result Values and Return Codes are also presented, but this data is not meaningful for a group.)

  5. Click on a specific check in the Group Members list.

    • The Indicators tab for the Nagios service appears.

  6. To view log messages output by the check, click the blue icons above the time range bar at the bottom of the page.