Metric Display Range

Default Metric Display Range

By default, the last 8 hours of history are presented on the Indicators page and other views in the Monitor tab. There are two ways to change the display range.

Select a Number of Minutes, Hours, or Days

Use the pulldowns in the Metric Display Range section of the page to select a numeric value (available choices range from 4 to 120) and a unit of time (minutes, hours or days), and click the green right-arrow to refresh the page.


Advanced Settings for Metric Display Range

For more control over the display range, click Advanced Settings in the Metric Display Range section of the page. On the popup that appears, shown below, either:

  • Click Last, enter a number, and select a unit of time (minutes, hours or days) and click REDRAW, or

  • Click Within a Date Range, and use the pulldowns and fields to designate the start and end of the desired display interval, and click REDRAW.


After the page is redrawn, the Metric Display Range section shows the currently selected range.  You can use the Show Last 8 Hours to return to the default display range, or Edit Range to display the Advanced Settings popup and choose a different display range.