Hyperic Server Properties

About Hyperic Server Configuration

Configuration Settings in hq-server.conf

hq-server.conf contains the configuration settings that Hyperic Server requires to start up and get ready for work. For instance, hq-server.conf has properties that tell the server how to connect to the database and where to listen for agent and web application communications.

When you install Hyperic Server, the selections you can make - port selections, use of plaintext or SSL communications, and so on - correspond to properties in hq-server.conf. The configuration settings you supply during installation are persisted in ServerHome/conf/hq-server.conf.

In addition to the properties that reflect installation choices, hq-server.conf contains properties with default values that you can modify, after installation, based on the your environment and the size of your Hyperic deployment. For example, there are properties in hq-server.conf that set defaults for database and JMS configuration options.

Each time Hyperic Server starts up, it reads the values of the properties in hq-server.conf.

Note: Hyperic Server supports some properties that do not appear in hq-server.conf unless you add them explicitly.

After you change the values of properties in hq-server.conf or add new properties to the file, you must restart the server for the new settings to take effect.

Configuration Settings in the Database

Some of the configuration data that governs Hyperic Server behavior is stored in the Hyperic Server database. For example, the data Hyperic Server needs to contact an Hyperic Agent is stored in in the Hyperic Database. For information about how Hyperic Server obtains Hyperic Agent address information, see Agent Server Communications Diagram.

Clustering Properties in vFabric Hyperic

For information about properties for configuring a Hyperic Server cluster, see Clustering Hyperic Servers for Failover.