Group Alert Summary Portlet

About the Group Alerts Portlet

The Group Alerts Summary portlet displays traffic light indicators for resource alerts and group alerts for selected groups. Click on the traffic light for a group alert to view a list of alerts that have fired. Click on a group name to view the group page. This portlet does not present any groups until you add them to it.


Configure the Group Alerts Portlet

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Group Alerts Summary portlet.

  2. The portlet refreshes.

    • The Available groups column lists compatible groups that have not been added to the portlet.

    • TheĀ Enabled groups column lists compatible groups that have been added to the portlet.

  3. Change the content of the portlet by clicking a group, and using the appropriate arrow to move the group from one column to another.

  4. Click save to save your changes.