Discover and Import Resources to Inventory

Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

Auto-discovery is the process of identifying new and changed resources on a platform. The Hyperic Agent auto-discovers most platform, server, and service types. The auto-discovery functionality supported for a resource type is defined in plugin that manages it.

Generally speaking, the auto-discovery process works like this:

  1. Upon first startup on a supported platform, the Hyperic Agent discovers the platform, and the manageable servers running on the platform.

  2. You review auto-discovery results in Hyperic user interface, and upon your approval, the platform, the servers, and the services running on the platform and servers are added to Hyperic inventory.

  3. The Hyperic Agent periodically scans the platform for new and changed resources. Like new resources, changes to resources must be approved before the changes are introduced to inventory.

The topics listed below describe how Hyperic resource auto-discovery works, and provide instructions for viewing auto-discovery results and importing discovered resources to Hyperic inventory.