Create a Service

This page has general instructions for creating a service in Hyperic.

For information about creating a service using the HQApi see HQApi resource command in Web Services API.

When to Create a Service Manually

In Hyperic, a service is a component that runs in a server (for example, an EJB), or is associated with an operating system (for example, a CPU). System-level service, and services that an agent will manage remotely are referred to as platform services.

Most service types are auto-discovered by the plugin that manages that service type. Services that run on a platform are discovered along with the platform itself by the Hyperic's system plugin. Services that run in a local server are auto-discovered by the plugin that manages the host server — for example, the plugin that manages Tomcat discovers the services running in Tomcat.

The only service types in Hyperic that are routinely created explicitly are remote platform services. For information about creating and configuring remote services, see Create a Platform Service.

Add a Service to Inventory from the Hyperic User Interface

  1. Use Browse > Resources > Server to navigate to the server to which you wish to add a service.

  2. Select New Service from the Tools menu.

  3. On the New Service page enter:

    • Name — The name of the service.

    • Description — (optional) A description of the service

    • Server Type — The service type.

    • Host Server — Contains the name of the server upon which you are creating the service.

  4. Click OK.

The server's Owner defaults to the account that created the service.