Configuring Hyperic Server for SMTP Server

Hyperic sends emails using the SMTP server specified during Hyperic Server installation. On many Unix and Linux machines, the default — localhost is satisfactory. In this case, no additional configuration is required. To use a remote SMTP server, you configure the Hyperic Server with the remote host connection information, and set up authentication in hq-server.conf.

  1. Define SMTP properties in the "Email Settings section" of the <HQ Server directory>/conf/hq-server.conf file. As installed, hq-server.conf does not contain the mail properties - you must add the properties to override Hyperic's default settings. The properties you define depend on whether you wish to use plain text or SSL communication. Note that changes to hq-server.conf take effect only after restart Hyperic Server restart.

    • To configure plain text communication, add the mail properties shown below to hq-server.conf.  Hyperic's default behavior is equivalent to the values shown below - replace the values as appropriate for your environment.  

      # Change to the SMTP gateway server
      # maps to,
      # Change to SMTP port
      # SMTP properties
    • To configure SSL communication, define the following properties:
  2. If you are using SSL/TLS, add the SMTP Server's TLS certificate to the JRE keystore:

    1. Obtain a copy of the public certificate for the SMTP server's TLS configuration (not the private key) on the Hyperic Server.

    2. As the user that owns the Hyperic installation, execute the following in the server installation directory:

      jre/bin/keytool -keystore jre/lib/security/cacerts -import -storepass changeit -file /path/to/smtp_server_tls.cert
    3. When asked if you want to trust the certificate, answer "yes."

Note: The certificate import example above assumes the use of a JRE that is bundled with the Hyperic Server. When using a non-bundled JRE, use that JRE's keytool and cacerts file. For more information, see Configure SSL Options.