Configure and Manage Resource Groups

Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

This page has instructions for creating and managing groups.

Learn About HQApi group Command

For information about creating a group using the HQApi see HQApi group command.

Create a Group

  1. Click New Group on either:

    • The Dashboard's Summary Counts portlet

    • The Tools menu on the Browse > Resources page

  2. The New Group page appears.


  3. On the New Group page, enter

    • Name: The name of the group

    • Description: (optional) A description of the group

    • Location: (optional) The physical location of the group's hardware

    • Make group private: Checkmark to make the group private. A private group is invisible to other users, including admin users. You can share a private group with other users by associating it with a role. Note that the name you assign to a private group is automatically prefixed with the string "private to username", where username is the creator's Hyperic username.

    • Contains Resources: Select the type of group:

      • Compatible/cluster - the group will contain resources of a single type.  For example, "Linux" or "JBoss 4.2"

      • Mixed  - the group will contain multiple resource types. Mixed groups are useful for role-based resource access control. 

      • The Select Resource Type pulldown appears to the right of the Contains Resources — the options vary depending upon whether you are created a compatible or mixed group.

        • For a compatible group, the Select Resource Type pulldown contains a list of all resource types in inventory, as shown in the screenshot below.


        • For a mixed group, the Select Resource Type pulldown contains these choices (as shown in the thumbnail screenshot below):

          • Groups

          • Platforms, Servers, & Services

          • Applications


  4. Click OK to create the group.

    • The Inventory page for the new group appears. The screenshot below is the Inventory page for a new compatible group.


  5. Add resources to the new group, following the instructions in Add Resources to a Group