Configure Metric Baselines

Available only in vFabric Hyperic

Learn About Baselines

See Baselines.

Configure Global Baselining Properties

You configure the properties that control baseline calculations on the HQ Server Settings page, available on the HQ Administration tab.

In vFabric Hyperic, these properties control the baselining process. Changing the data set used to calculate baselines can affect baseline accuracy.

Server Setting



Baseline Frequency

The frequency with which Hyperic calculates a baseline for each metric.

3 days

Baseline Dataset

The time range of metric data used in calculating the baseline.

7 days

Baseline Minimum Data Points

The minimum number of data points used in calculating a baseline.


Track Out-of-Bounds Metrics

Controls whether or not Hyperic tracks out-of-bounds metrics — measurements that are greater than expected high range for a metric, or less than the expected low range for a metric.


Recalculate Baselines for a Resource

The baseline and expected high and low range values for every metric are calculated periodically — by default, every three days.

For an individual resource, you can recalculate baseline and high/low range values on-demand; when you do, the calculation will be based on the currently selected metric display range. Note that, the next time Hyperic does its periodic baseline calculations, baselines will again be based on the configured "Baseline Dataset" property.

To recalculate the metric baseline and expected range values for one or more metrics for a resource.

  1. Navigate to the Metric Data tab on the resource's Monitor page.

  2. Set the metric display range upon which you wish to calculate baselines.

  3. Checkmark each metric whose baseline values you want to set.

  4. Click Set Baselines.

The "Low Range", "Baseline", and "High Range" values for the selected metrics will be set to the low, average and peak values for the current display range.

You can also initiate re-calculation of the baseline values for a single resource metric when you chart the metric. See the following section for more information.

Reset Baselines for a Charted Metric

To recalculate baselines for an individual metric from a metric chart:

  1. Chart the metric whose baseline you want to recalculate — click the chart icon next to it on the Metric Data minitab.


  2. Click Edit Range, select the desired period of history upon which to base the baseline, and redraw the chart.

  3. In the "Metric Baseline & Expected Range" section, click Change Value next to the Baseline field.

    • A new baseline value is displayed. For example:

      New value calculated from current Display Range: 26.5 MB
  4. Click Save Value to save the calculated value as the baseline value for the metric.

    • New values for "High Range" and "Low Range" appear.

  5. If you wish, you can modify the values for "High Range" and "Low Range", as long as the prior is greater than the latter. To do so:

    • Click Change Value next to the "High Range" and "Low Range" field.

    • Enter a value.

    • Click Save Value.