Configure Hyperic Server Data Compression and Purge Behavior

Hyperic Server Data Management Processes

HQ Server stores monitoring results using a tiered model to minimize the volume of data stored, while still providing sufficient data granularity. Periodically, the HQ Server removes detailed metric data from the database and archives it. Alerts and events older than a specified age are removed from the database, and not archived.

The server performs the following periodic data management functions:

  • Compress and archive measurement data — Hyperic Server stores detailed metric data (all data points reported) in the Hyperic database for a configurable period (up to 7 days) of time, after which the metrics are eligible for compression and archival. On a (configurable) periodic basis, the server removes the aged individual metric data points from the database, and archives the metric data in compressed form: hourly metric averages, highs, and lows.  Hyperic Server retains the archived metric data for 2 years.

  • Purge alert data — Hyperic Server retains fired alert data for a configurable period, after which the alerts are deleted.

  • Purge event data — Hyperic Server retains event data for a configurable period, after which the events are deleted.

  • Rebuild metric table indexes — During normal Hyperic operation, the metric data tables in the Hyperic database contain a lot of frequently changing data. The Hyperic Server rebuilds the metric table indexes on a (configurable) periodic basis to avoid performance problems that heavily fragmented indexes can cause.

Configure Hyperic Data Management Settings

You can configure how Hyperic condenses and purges the contents of the Hyperic database on the Administration > Server Settings page.  Retaining fewer days of detailed metric data and deleting alerts and other events on a timely basis can improve Hyperic performance.





Run Database Maintenance Every

Controls how frequently Hyperic compresses and archives detailed metric data that is older than the age specified by the following property. 



Delete Detailed Metric Data Older Than

Controls how many days of detailed metric data Hyperic retains before compressing it into hourly averages with highs and lows and archiving those values.

2 days

You cannot enter a value greater than 7.

Reindex Metric Data Tables Nightly

Controls whether Hyperic reindexes metric data tables every night. If configured to re-index nightly, Hyperic re-indexes the tables around midnight.



Delete Alerts Older Than

Controls how long Hyperic stores alert event data.

31 days


Delete Events and Logs Older Than

Controls how long Hyperic stores other Hyperic event and log data.

31 days


Warning: Data Management Changes Require Server Restart

Any changes made in this section require the Hyperic Server to be restarted before they take effect.