Configure Global Alert Properties

The settings in the Global Alert Properties section of the Administration > HQ Server Settings page enable immediate and global control of alert processing.

  • Alerts - Disable or enable all alert definitions for all resources immediately. Disabling stops any alerts from firing; notifications defined in escalations that are currently in progress will be completed.

  • Alert Notifications - Disable or enable alert notifications for all resources immediately. Disabling stops all notifications, include those for alerts with escalations currently in progress.

  • Hierarchical Alerting * - This setting controls whether alerts are evaluated using the hierarchical alerting method. When hierarchical alerting is enabled, before firing an alert for a resource, HQ considers the availability and alert status of the resource's parent. The purpose of hierarchical alerting is to avoid firing alerts for every resource affected by a single root cause. For more information, see Manage Alert and Notification Volume.

Note: You can extend the effect of hierarchical alerting by configuring the relationship between a network device or virtual host and the platforms that depend on it using the Network and Host Dependency Manager available in the "Plugins" section of the Administration tab. For more information see Manage Alert and Notification Volume.