Configure Alert Notification Throttling

Available only in vFabric Hyperic

You can use notification throttling to limit the number of alert email actions (notifications sent by email for a fired alert) that HQ will issue in a 15 second interval. When the threshold you specify is reached, HQ stops sending email alert notifications and instead sends a summary of alert activity every ten minutes to the recipients you specify.

After starting to throttle, HQ re-evaluates notification volume for fired alerts every 10 minutes; when it determines that the per interval volume of individual notifications that fired alerts would generate is less than the configured threshold, HQ resumes sending individual notifications.

In the Notification Throttling Configuration Properties section of the Administration > HQ Server Settings page:

  1. Click the Notification Throttling ON control.

  2. In the "Threshold" field, enter the maximum number of notifications you want sent in a 15 second interval.

  3. Enter one or more email addresses in the "Notification Email(s) field".

For related information, see Manage Alert and Notification Volume.