Change vFabric Hyperic Server Sizing Profile

Available only in vFabric Hyperic

In vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 and later, you can set the values of Hyperic Server resource-related properties by selecting a small, medium, or large sizing profile, based on the number of platforms you will manage. The platform thresholds for each profile and server property values for small, medium, and large installation are defined on About Sizing Profiles in vFabric Hyperic.

When you perform a new server installation by running the Hyperic installer with the -full qualifier, the installer prompts you to select a sizing profile, as described in Run Hyperic Installer.

You can also select an installation profile after installing the Hyperic Server, or for a Hyperic Server you have upgraded to 4.6.5, by running the Hyperic installer with the -updateScale qualifier.

  1. Open a command shell on the Hyperic 4.6.5 Server host.

    • On Unix-based platforms, enter:

      PathToInstaller/ -updateScale

    • On Windows platforms, enter:

      PathToInstaller\setup.bat -updateScale

  2. The installer will prompt:

    Please enter the installation profile (small, medium, large)
  3. Enter the desired profile, for instance:


    If you use the embedded PostgreSQL database, rather than an external database (required for production environments), select the "small" sizing profile. The "medium" and "large" profiles are not supported unless you use an external Hyperic database.

  4. The installer will prompt:

    Please enter the current server installation directory

    Enter the full path to the server installation directory.

  5. The installer will confirm that the profile has been updated, for example:

    The server is now updated to "medium" profile...
  6. Restart the Hyperic Server to make the changes take effect.