Advanced Configuration (Hibernate Cache Module)

By default, once you've set up Hibernate to work with the GemFire module, GemFire will run automatically with pre-configured settings. Specifically:

These settings might not reflect your preferred usage. To change these and other settings, refer to this section.

Configuration Flowchart

The following flowchart illustrates some of the decisions you might consider before making configuration changes. If the action says "no change req.", then no configuration change is required to run GemFire in that mode. All other actions are cross-referenced below the flowchart. For more information about the common GemFire topologies, refer to Common GemFire Topologies. For general information on how to make configuration changes, refer to "Changing GemFire's Default Configuration".

Common GemFire Topologies

Before configuring the GemFire module, you must consider which basic topology is suited for your usage. The configuration process is slightly different for each topology. For information about GemFire license options as they relate to your desired configuration, refer to Choosing a License Option Based on Topology.