Monitoring Tools

GemFire provides a number of tools for monitoring and tuning your GemFire system. System monitoring is available through the study of archived logging and statistics information. System managing and monitoring is available through the GemFire Monitor version 2 (GFMon) program, for which information is available in the GemFire Monitor User’s Manual. System tuning can be accomplished through declarative configuration files.

Monitoring and tuning capabilities are also provided through the com.gemstone.gemfire.admin API.

You can use command-line tools to monitor your GemFire system. The command-line tools monitor one locator or cache server at a time. You can retrieve information about the process, such as its ID, and its current status, such as running or stopped:
The GemFire Administration API, in the com.gemstone.gemfire.admin package, provides programmatic access to GemFire functionality. The online Java API documentation provides extensive usage details for the interfaces, classes, and their methods. This chapter provides an overview of the primary interfaces and classes of the API followed by a programming examples section: