E-mail Notification Properties

You can have the agent provide e-mail notification for alerts and membership change events. You can specify the notification properties in the Agent’s properties file or as a list of prop=value pairs on the agent command line. The properties file is the recommended method.

The following table lists the email notification properties:

Argument Comments Default Value


Whether to send e-mail notifications.



The from address to put into the e-mail notifications.


The host where the mail server is running - used to send the notifications. This must be set for mails to be sent. The server’s default port is used for the notifications.


A comma-separated list of e-mail addresses to which to send the notifications. This must be set for mails to be sent.

This example defines properties for a e-mail notification in the Agent’s properties file:


These are the notifications the system sends:

Notification Type E-mail Subject Line
System Alert—System alert that is raised in the members and can be set by a user. [Gemfire Alert] Distributed System: <Distributed System Identifier> <System Alert>
Member Crash—Alert of a member crash. [Gemfire Alert] Distributed System: <Distributed System Identifier> <Member Crash>
Stat Alert—Created via GFMon, this evaluates a threshold for a functional value of one or more statistics. [Gemfire Alert] Distributed System: <Distributed System Identifier> <Statistics Alert for member>
Membership change—Notification of a member joining, leaving, or being forcibly disconnected.

[GemFire Notification]Distributed System:<Distributed System Identifier> <Member Joined>

[GemFire Notification]Distributed System:<Distributed System Identifier> <Member Left>