Modifying the Default Disk Store

Whenever you use disk without specifying the disk store to use, GemFire uses the disk store named “DEFAULT�?.

For example, these region and queue configurations specify persistence and/or overflow, but do not specify the disk-store-name. Because no disk store is specified, these use the disk store named “DEFAULT�?:

Example of using the default disk store for region persistence and overflow:
Example of using the default disk store for gateway queue persistence:
<gateway-hub id="EU" port="33333">
  <gateway id="US">
    <gateway-endpoint id="US-1" host="ethel" port="11111"/>
    <gateway-queue maximum-queue-memory="50" 
			       batch-size="100" batch-time-interval="1000"/>
Example of using the default disk store for server subscription queue overflow:
<cache-server port="40404">
	<client-subscription eviction-policy="entry" capacity="10000"/>

Change the Behavior of the Default Disk Store

GemFire initializes the default disk store with the default disk store configuration settings. You can modify the behavior of the default disk store by specifying the attributes you want for the disk store named “DEFAULT�?. The only thing you can’t change about the default disk store is the name.

This changes the default disk store to allow manual compaction and to use multiple, non-default directories:

<disk-store name="DEFAULT" allow-force-compaction="true">
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