Disk Store Management Commands and Operations

For a full list of gemfire commands, see vFabric GemFire Command-Line Utility.

Note: Each of these commands operates either on the online disk stores or offline disk stores, but not both.
gemfire Command Online or Offline Command See . . .
shut-down-all On Shutting Down a System with Disk Stores
validate-disk-store Off Validating a Disk Store
compact-all-disk-stores On Running Compaction on Disk Store Log Files
compact-disk-store Off Running Compaction on Disk Store Log Files
backup On Back Up and Restore a Disk Store
modify-disk-store Off Synchronizing Your Offline Disk Store with Your Cache
list-missing-disk-stores On Handling Missing Disk Stores
revoke-missing-disk-store On Handling Missing Disk Stores

For complete command syntax for any gemfire command, run gemfire <command> -h at the command line.

Online gemfire Disk Store Operations

For online operations, gemfire connects to a distributed system and sends the operation requests to the members that have disk stores. These commands will not run on offline disk stores. Since you need to connect to the distributed system to perform operations on online disk stores, you must provide the command with a distributed system specification in a gemfire.properties file. The gemfire.properties file contains connection information for the distributed system.

Here are some example commands that specify a gemfire.properties file:
gemfire –J-DgemfirePropertyFile=mygemfire.properties shut-down-all

gemfire –J-DgemfirePropertyFile=mygemfire.properties backup

Offline gemfire Disk Store Operations

For offline operations, gemfire runs the command against the specified disk store and its specified directories. You must specify all directories for the disk store. For example:
gemfire compact-disk-store mydiskstore /stores/directory1

Offline operations will not run on online disk stores. The tool locks the disk store while it is running, so the member cannot start in the middle of an operation.

If you try to run an offline command for an online disk store, you get a message like this:

ERROR: Operation "validate-disk-store" failed because: disk-store=ds1: 
com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.DiskAccessException: For DiskStore: ds1: 
Could not lock "hostA/ds1dir1/DRLK_IFds1.lk". Other members might have created 
diskstore with same name using the same directory., caused by 
java.io.IOException: The file "hostA/ds1dir1/DRLK_IFds1.lk" is being used 
by another process.