Upgrading vFabric GemFire

To upgrade vFabric GemFire, install the latest version of the software from either the JAR file or if using RHEL, by using RPMs. The migration from vFabric GemFire 6.5.X and later versions to the latest version of vFabric GemFire may require brief downtime of your system.

Note: If you obtain GemFire as part of a vFabric Suite package, first complete the vFabric License Server installation and license activation procedures in Getting Started with vFabric Suite.Then follow procedures in this document to set up your environment for GemFire and to complete any remaining GemFire-specific installation and configuration tasks.

Before You Upgrade

Review the following preparation notes before you begin your upgrade:

How to Upgrade

If you are currently running vFabric GemFire on the RHEL operating system, you have the option to upgrade by using vFabric RPM repository RPMs and the yum command. See RHEL: Upgrade vFabric GemFire from the VMware YUM Repository for instructions.

If you are currently running vFabric GemFire on any other operating system, you must upgrade your GemFire installation using the following procedure:Upgrade vFabric GemFire from a JAR File.