How to Uninstall GemFire

This section describes how to remove GemFire.

If you installed vFabric GemFire from a JAR file, shut down any running GemFire processes and then simply delete the product tree to uninstall the product. No additional registry entries or system modifications are needed.

If you are using RHEL and installed vFabric GemFire using RPMs, you can use the yum command to uninstall GemFire. For example:
prompt# yum remove vfabric-gemfire
The yum remove vfabric-gemfire command uninstalls all installed versions of the vFabric GemFire RPM that it finds in all installed repositories. If you want to uninstall a specific version of GemFire, you must explicitly specify the version with the yum remove command. For example:
prompt# yum remove vfabric-gemfire-6.6.1-1
Use yum search vfabric-gemfire --showduplicates to find all existing versions that are available in the installed RPM repositories.