Installation and Licensing

Verify the system and licensing requirements for DataBrowser and install the utility.

Installing DataBrowser

To obtain DataBrowser, go to the VMware download center at Navigate to the vFabric GemFirfe download page, under the Drivers & Tools tab.

DataBrowser is distributed as a JAR archive. Execute the jar to file install the product. You will be prompted through a sequence of steps, including selection of the file system location in which the software is installed.

The DataBrowser tool installation has these directories:
  • bin. The DataBrowser launch scripts, databrowser.bat and databrowser
  • docs. Contains an index.html page that links to the latest GemFire documentation (requires an Internet connection) and an INSTALL.txt file.
  • lib. The jars and binary libraries needed to run DataBrowser

To uninstall DataBrowser, delete the file system tree where you extracted the ZIP archive.


DataBrowser uses GemFire licensing. The AdminAgent used by the DataBrowser to connect to the distributed system uses a GemFire license.

To use DataBrowser with GemFire versions earlier than 6.6, you may be required to provide a license on the machine where you are running DataBrowser. For example, you may require a license if your installation is not using an evaluation or an unlimited client license. If necessary, specify license properties similar to the license properties that you specify for GemFire clients. On the machine that you are running DataBrowser, set the JAVA_ARGS environment variable as follows.

On Windows:
set JAVA_ARGS="-Dgemfire.license-type=development 
On Linux:
export JAVA_ARGS="-Dgemfire.license-type=development 

Ask your VMware account manager if you need additional licensing.