Connecting DataBrowser to a vFabric GemFire System

In the DataBrowser, connect to a running JMX admin agent in a vFabric GemFire distributed system.

Once the DataBrowser is running, you can connect to a GemFire distributed system by clicking on the toolbar item labeled 'Connect to GemFire...' or by selecting the File menu item of the same name. This displays the 'Connect to GemFire distributed system' popup dialog.

The host and port fields refer to that of the RMI enabled AdminAgent in the GemFire distributed system to which you want to connect.

These host port combinations are saved by the DataBrowser to allow you to easily select a previous AdminAgent from the drop down lists in this dialog. You can set the number of entries in this list in the Connection Preferences dialog.

Once connected to the distributed system, the DataBrowser fetches the GemFire regions present in the distributed system, as well as the members on which they are located.

Note: RMI does not allow reserved characters in the host name, including '%', '$', and '-'. For a complete list of reserved characters consult RFC 952. If your host names contain non-compliant characters, we recommend using the IP address instead.