Persisting PDX Metadata to Disk

GemFire allows you to persist PDX metadata to disk and specify the disk store to use.

  1. Set the <pdx> attribute persistent to true in your cache configuration. This is required for caches that use PDX with persistent regions and with regions that are gateway enabled for data transfer across a WAN. Otherwise, it is optional.
  2. (Optional) If you want to use a disk store that is not the GemFire default disk store, set the <pdx> attribute disk-store-name to the name of your non-default disk store.
    Note: If you are using PDX serialized objects as region entry keys and you are using persistent regions, then you must configure your PDX disk store to be a different one than the disk store used by the persistent regions.
This example cache.xml enables PDX persistence and sets a non-default disk store in a server cache configuration:
  <pdx read-serialized="true" 
       persistent="true" disk-store-name="SerializationDiskStore">
  <region ...