Main Steps to Deploying Configuration Files

These are the basic steps for deploying configuration files, with related detail in sections that follow.
  1. Determine which configuration files you need for your installation.
  2. Place the files in your directories or jar files.
  3. For any file with a non-default name or location, provide the file specification in the system properties file and/or in the member CLASSPATH.

GemFire Configuration Files

You will generally use both of these files, but neither is required.
  • Contains the settings required by application members of a distributed system. These settings include licensing, system member discovery, communication parameters, security, logging, and statistics. See and (vFabric GemFire Property Files).
  • cache.xml. Declarative cache configuration file. This file contains XML declarations for cache, region, and region entry configuration. You also use it to configure disk stores, database login credentials, server and gateway location information, and socket information. See cache.xml (Declarative Cache Configuration File).