vFabric GemFire License Options

For production licensing, vFabric GemFire offers Application Cache Node and Data Management Node options. The Data Management Node license includes two upgrade options. You can combine these licenses, depending on your topology requirements. For evaluation licensing, a default evaluation license is included in the product, and you can request a custom evaluation license.

Application Cache Node

Application Cache Node provides licensing for peer-to-peer systems. It is also used in conjunction with a Data Management Node license in client/server deployments to license a specific number of clients.

Note to vFabric Suite Customers: A vFabric Suite license includes vFabric GemFire Application Cache Node. If you are a vFabric Suite customer and want to deploy a client/server system or a WAN, you need to add Data Management Node licensing. Upgrades to unlimited clients and global WAN are available with DMN. You can install DMN licensing (serial numbers) locally, or through the vFabric License Server, as you did with vFabric Application Cache Node and other vFabric Suite products. If you used the License Server, refer to vFabric Suite Only: Configure GemFire for vFabric License Server.

Data Management Node

A Data Management Node license is required for servers in client/server deployments. You can also install Unlimited Client Upgrade and Global WAN Upgrade options alongside this license. Unlimited Client Upgrade and Global WAN Upgrade can only be used in conjunction with the Data Management Node.

Evaluation Licenses

The default evaluation license included with GemFire allows you to run up to three peer or cache server members and up to three clients for each cache server member. GemFire uses the default evaluation license upon startup if custom evaluation or production licensing has not been installed in GemFire. This license never expires. It is not allowed for production use. You do not need to install the default evaluation license; it activates automatically if you have not configured specific licensing through serial numbers or dynamic licensing.

You can also obtain custom evaluation licenses for your specific evaluation requirements. Custom evaluation license options are similar to those for Application Cache Node, but a custom evaluation license expires, while a production license does not. Contact your VMware account manager for details.