vFabric Suite and vFabric GemFire Licenses

How you install and consume your license depends on whether you obtain vFabric GemFire as a standalone product or as part of vFabric Suite (Standard or Advanced).

vFabric Suite Licenses

vFabric Suite is licensed on a per-VM and average-usage basis, for virtual and cloud environments. Each licensed VM can run any or all vFabric Suite components. License usage is tracked by the vFabric License Server.

vFabric Suite customers add one or more license keys (serial numbers) to vCenter Server through the vSphere client. Rather than installing a license key on each VM, you register one license key with vCenter that represents the number of license units that you have purchased.

The default vFabric GemFire license offering when you purchase vFabric Suite (Standard or Advanced) is the Application Cache Node license. However, you can also purchase Data Management Node licenses if wish to deploy a client-server or WAN deployment.

To understand how vFabric Suite licensing works and to activate a vFabric Suite license, refer to Getting Started with vFabric Suite.

vFabric GemFire Licenses and Serial Numbers

When you purchase vFabric GemFire as a standalone product, you get one or more serial numbers to use in your vFabric GemFire member configurations. You typically install the serial numbers locally, on every virtual and physical machine that will run vFabric GemFire.

Every Application Cache Node and Data Management Node serial number has a specific quantity of licenses embedded within it. An individual license is used for each 6-core CPU; license quantity reflects the number of actual 6-core CPUs that are allowed to run either GemFire clients or GemFire peer nodes. Therefore, if you are running multiple GemFire processes on a single 6-core CPU, you are still only consuming one license.

You receive a separate serial number for each license type (Application Cache Node and Data Management Node) and for each upgrade that you buy.

To purchase GemFire licenses, see http://www.vmware.com/products/vfabric-gemfire/buy.html or contact your VMware account manager.