Show the members and regions that have the specified key. If region defines a key constraint, you need to define key constraint class using key command.

gfsh:/>which -p /Orders Id='11' and CustProdId='CUST34571_ELEX101'

Error: key undefined. Use the key command to specify the key class.
Error: Key is not defined.

gfsh:/>key data.OrderKey

gfsh:/>which -p /Orders Id='11' and CustProdId='CUST34571_ELEX101'

1. server2 (pc62(22690)<v2>:22525/57114) -- BucketId=46 *Primary PR*
Row  Region  | Id  Time                          Quantity  CustomerId  ProductId  Discount
---  ------  | --  ----                          --------  ----------  ---------  --------
1    /Orders | 11  Sat Aug 01 01:22:03 IST 2009  2         CUST34571   ELEX101    0.1

elapsed (msec): 12

Options are:


The region path in which to find the specified key.


Search recursively. It search all of the subregions including the specified region or the current region if not specified.

<query predicate>

Query predicate for key class in the format: field=val1 and field2='val1'