Remove keys locally and/or remotely. If no options are specified, it removes 'key' from the local region only. Use '-k' to specify enumerated key. To remove the key, your 'pwd' should be that region. For example to remove an key from region /Customers, you should be inside region /Customers. Enumerated keys shown in 'Row' column on execution of 'ls -k' command should be used.


gfsh:/Customers>ls -k   

Row  Value
---  -----
1    "CUST13541"
2    "CUST34571"
3    "CUST10401"
4    "CUST17891"
5    "CUST96874"

 Fetch size: 5
   Returned: 5/5
      Class: java.lang.String
elapsed (msec): 3

gfsh:/Customers>rm -k 5

removed local: "CUST96874"

gfsh:/Customers>rm -g -k 1

removed all: "CUST13541"

Other options include:


Remove keys from both the local region and the server region


Remove keys globally.