Force gc on the connected server or all of the servers. Note that "size -m" is just used to retrieve Member Id to use with "gc -m".

gfsh:/Products/Electronics>size -m

     Region: /Products/Electronics
Region Type: Replicated
Member Id                    Member Name  Region Size
---------                    -----------  -----------
pc62(17802)<v1>:28043/55659  server1               13
pc62(17880)<v2>:45620/36114  server2               13

elapsed (msec): 5

gfsh:/Products/Electronics>gc -m pc62(17802)<v1>:28043/55659

This command forces gc on the server(s).
Do you want to proceed? (yes|no): yes
2. server1(pc62(17802)<v1>:28043/55659): GC forced

Other option is:


Force gc globally on all servers.