Deploys the specified jar or class files to all of the servers.

gfsh:/Customers>deploy -jar samplelibs/deployTest.jar

1. server2(pc62(15711)<v2>:35013/50388): deployed to /home/foo/GemFire66/gfsh/plugins
2. server1(pc62(15624)<v1>:20451/42178): deployed to /home/foo/GemFire66/gfsh/plugins
deployed files: deployTest.jar

elapsed (msec): 15

Note: The jar gets deployed on servers at GEMFIRE/gfsh/plugins directory where GEMFIRE is the product directory referred by servers. For this command to execute successfully, this directory should have write permissions.

Options available are:

-jar <jar paths> Load all classes in the jar paths. The jar paths can be separated by ',', ';', or ':'. The jar paths can be relative or absolute.
-dir [-r] <directory> Load all jar files in the directory. '-r' recursively loads all jar files including sub-directories. The directory path can be relative or absolute