Load Instantiator registered data classes. All data classes that use a static block to register class ids via Instantiator must be preloaded using this command. Note that this command is NOT equivalent to setting CLASSPATH.

gfsh:/Orders>class -jar samplelibs/deploytest.jar

Loading deploy.TestDeploy ...

application classes successfully loaded from: samplelibs/deploytest.jar
deploytest.jar had a class TestDeploy & static block prints "Loading deploy.TestDeploy ..." to stdout.

Other options are:

-c <fully-qualified class name> Load the specified class. The specified class typically contains a static block that registers class ids using GemFire Instantiator.
-id <class id> if the class ID for the class name specified with the option '-c' is not defined by Instantiator then the '-id' option must be used to assign the class id that matches the instantiator class id defined in the server's cache.xml file. This option is supported for GFE 6.x or greater.
-d <DataSerializables.txt> Load the classes listed in the specified file. The file path can be relative or absolute.
-dir <directory> Load all classes in the directory. The directory path can be relative or absolute.