These release notes describe new features, feature improvements, known issues, and fixes in VMware® vCloud® Air™ Hybrid Cloud Manager™ version 2.0, and subsequent upgrades.

The information in this document does not yet appear in the VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager Installation and Administration Guide.

Your installation strategy depends on your use case.


All users should read Installation and Upgrade Information for basic installation and upgrade information.

New users installing v2.0u2

If you have never installed Hybrid Cloud Manager, read about the version 2.0 features in New or Changed Features, and proceed to Known Issues.

Users upgrading from v2.0u1 to update 2

No new features were added in update 1, but some implementation details changed. Read the sections on New or Changed Features, Known Issues, and Fixed Issues.

Users upgrading from Hybrid Cloud Manager 1.0 to version 2.0 or higher.

Version 2.0 was a major update in which the appliances changed and resource requirements were increased. Read this entire document. , Known Issues, and Fixed Issues