The IaaS Configuration for Multi-Machine Services describes how to integrate multi-machine services in an existing VMware vCloud® Automation Center™ deployment.

This documentation is intended to be used with the following prerequisite guides:

IaaS Configuration for Virtual Platforms

IaaS Configuration for Cloud Platforms

IaaS Configuration for Physical Machines

This documentation guides you through the following processes:

Preparing for provisioning

Creating multi-machine blueprints

All of the IaaS configuration steps that should be completed prior to machine provisioning are included in this document and its prerequisite guides. For information about managing provisioned machines, see Tenant Administration.


Not all features and capabilities of vCloud Automation Center are available in all editions. For a comparison of feature sets in each edition, see

This information is intended for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) administrators, tenant administrators and business group managers, and fabric administrators seeking to integrate multi-machine services into their vCloud Automation Center deployment. It is written for experienced Windows or Linux system administrators who are familiar with virtualization technology and the basic concepts described in Foundations and Concepts.

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