Chapter 4 Managing Virtual Machines and the VMware Server Host : Using the VMware Management Interface

Using the VMware Management Interface
VMware Server provides the VMware Management Interface, a Web-based management tool that allows you to:
View details about each virtual machine, including system summary, hardware information, any connected users and a log of recent events.
To manage a virtual machine from the VMware Management Interface, a user must have at least read permission for that virtual machine’s configuration file. For more information about permissions and VMware Server, see Understanding Permissions and Virtual Machines.
To properly view the VMware Management Interface, ensure that style sheets are enabled in your browser, regardless of which browser and version you are using.
To run the VMware Management Interface in Internet Explorer 6.0 on a Windows Server 2003 system, whether the VMware Server host is installed on Windows Server 2003 or a Windows Server 2003 client machine that connects to a VMware Server host, you need to follow some special configuration steps in order to use the management interface. For more information, see “Configuring Web Browsers for Use with VMware Server” on page 46.
The VMware Management Interface starts with a Login page, where you enter your user name and password to log on. The Login page contains links for downloading the VMware Server Console for Windows and Linux hosts. For more information, see Downloading the VMware Server Console.
After your user name and password are authorized by the management interface, the Status Monitor page appears. The Status Monitor page contains high-level details about all the virtual machines on the host server to which you are connected. The Status Monitor page links to a detailed set of pages specific to each virtual machine, where you find information about virtual devices, configuration options, and a summary of recent events. In addition, you can create and delete virtual machines from your browser.
These pages refresh or reload automatically every 90 seconds. You might want to refresh or reload these pages manually before you perform an operation like suspending, resuming, or powering on or off a virtual machine from the VMware Management Interface or after you perform a power operation in a console. Another user might have performed the same or a conflicting operation right before you. To refresh the page, click Refresh at the top of a page.
This section includes the following topics: