Chapter 2 Installing VMware Server : Installing VMware Server on a Windows Host

Installing VMware Server on a Windows Host
The following sections describe how to install VMware Server on your Windows host operating system:
To get started with VMware Server on a Windows host
Install the VMware Server software (including VMware Management Interface, the VmCOM API, the VmPerl API, the Programming API, and the VMware Server Console) on the server.
Start the VMware Server Console.

You are prompted to enter your serial number either during the installation process or the first time you start the VMware Server Console.
You receive the serial numbers in an email message from VMware. The message includes one serial number to use on a Windows host and another serial number to use on a Linux host. Enter the serial number that is appropriate for your host operating system. To download the software again or request additional serial numbers, go to
Power on the virtual machine and install a guest operating system. You need the installation media (CD-ROM or floppy disks) for your guest operating system. See Installing a Guest Operating System.
Start using your virtual machine. Use the VMware Server Console, VMware Management Interface, and VMware Scripting APIs to manage your server host and virtual machines.