When you create and want to publish a content pack, make sure the content packs meet the basic publishing requirements.

You must check both the content pack requirements and the publishing requirements.

Content packs must meet some requirements for the content, quality and standards.

The content requirements include

Minimum of three dashboard groups

Minimum of three dashboard widgets per dashboard group

Maximum of six dashboard widgets per dashboard group

Maximum of three dashboard widgets per row

Minimum of five alerts

Minimum of twenty extracted fields

The quality requirements for a content pack are the following

Every query has at least one full-text keyword and ideally three or more keywords

Queries are not based on environment specific attributes like source, hostname, or local*

Every field has at least one full-text keyword and ideally three or more keywords

Fields are specific to product/application and will not return results for other product/application logs

Every dashboard widget must contain information/links on what the chart shows and why it is important

The standards for creating content packs follow these rules

Content pack part


Content pack name format


Content pack namespace format (content pack must be exported with namespace)


Extracted field format


Before you publish a content pack, check if it meets the publishing requirements.

Publishing Requirement


Content Pack file format

A VLCP file.


The appropriate events necessary to validate content pack.


An overview of the content pack.


A list that highlights the value of the content pack.


A detailed description of the content pack value.

Tech Specs

Describe the minimum system requirements.


Example of how the content pack brings value.

White Paper

How to configure the product or application to forwards logs to Log Insight.