A Log Insight master or worker node might run out of disk space if you are using a small virtual disk, and archiving is not enabled.

Log Insight runs out of disk space if the rate of incoming logs exceeds 3 percent of the storage space per minute.

In normal situations, Log Insight never runs out of disk because every minute it checks if the free space is less than 3 percent. If the free space on the Log Insight virtual appliance drops below 3 percent, old data buckets are retired.

However, if the disk is small and log ingestion rate is so high that the free space (3 percent) is filled out within 1 minute, Log Insight runs out of disk.

If archiving is enabled, Log Insight archives the bucket before retiring it. If the free space is filled before the old bucket is archived and retired, Log Insight runs out of disk.

Increase the storage capacity of the Log Insight virtual appliance. See Increase the Storage Capacity of the Log Insight Virtual Appliance.