You can uninstall the Log Insight adapter from the vCenter Operations Manager instance to remove menu items related to Log Insight from the vCenter Operations Manager user interface.

You use the Administration UI of Log Insight to disable launch in context. If you do not have access to Log Insight or if the Log Insight instance is deleted before the connection with vCenter Operations Manager is disabled, you can unregister Log Insight from the Administration UI of vCenter Operations Manager. See the Help in the vCenter Operations Manager Administration portal.


One instance of vCenter Operations Manager supports launch in context for only one instance of Log Insight. If another instance of Log Insight has been registered after you registered the instance that you want to disable, the second instance overrides the settings of the first one without notifying you.

Verify that you are logged in to the Log Insight Web user interface as an Admin user. The URL format is https://log-insight-host, where log-insight-host is the IP address or host name of the Log Insight virtual appliance.


Click the configuration drop-down menu icon and select Administration.


Under Integration, select vCenter Operations Manager.


Deselect the Enable Launch in Context check box.


Click Save.

Log Insight configures the vCenter Operations Manager instance to remove the Log Insight adapter. This operation might take a few minutes.