Log Insight notifies you if an alert event cannot be sent to vCenter Operations Manager. Log Insight retries sending the alert every minute until the problem is resolved.

A red sign with an exclamation mark appears in the Log Insight toolbar when an alert could not be delivered to vCenter Operations Manager.

Connectivity problems prevent Log Insight from sending alert notifications to vCenter Operations Manager.

Click on the red icon to open the list of error messages, and scroll down to view the latest message.

The red sign disappears from the toolbar when you open the list of error messages, or if the problem is resolved.

To fix the connectivity problem with vCenter Operations Manager, try the following.

Verify that the vCenter Operations Manager vApp is not shut down.

Verify that the you can connect to vCenter Operations Manager via the Test Connection button in the vCenter Operations Manager section of the Administration page of the Log Insight Web user interface.

Verify that you have the correct credentials by logging directly into vCenter Operations Manager.

Check Log Insight and vCenter Operations Manager logs for messages related to connectivity problems.

Verify that no alerts are filtered out in vCenter Operations Manager vSphere User Interface.