When you configure the SMTP server with the STARTTLS option enabled, test emails fail. Add your SSL certificate for the SMTP server to the Java truststore to resolve the problem.

Verify that you have the root user credentials to log in to the Log Insight virtual appliance.

If you plan to connect to the Log Insight virtual appliance by using SSH, verify that TCP port 22 is open.


Establish an SSH connection to the Log Insight vApp and log in as the root user.


Copy the SSL certificate for the SMTP server to the Log Insight vApp.


Run the following command.

`/usr/java/latest/bin/keytool -import -alias certificate_name -file path_to_certificate -keystore /usr/java/latest/lib/security/cacerts`

The outer quotes are inserted by using the back quote symbol that is on the same key as tilde on your keyboard. Do not use single quotes.


Enter the default the password changeit.


Run the service loginsight restart command.

Navigate to Administration > Smtp and use Send Test Email to test your settings. See Configure the SMTP Server for Log Insight