You can remove a worker node from a Log Insight cluster and add it to a different clyster or start a standalone deployment.

Verify that you are logged in to the Log Insight Web user interface as an Admin user. The URL format is https://log-insight-host, where log-insight-host is the IP address or host name of the Log Insight virtual appliance.

If you use an external load balancer, take the node off the balancer before you put it in maintenance mode.


Click the configuration drop-down menu icon and select Administration.


Under Configuration, click Cluster.


In the Workers table, find the the node you want, click , and click Continue.

The node is now in maintenance mode.


A node in maintenance mode continues to receive logs.


Click to remove the node.

Log Insight removes the node from the cluster and sends out an email notification.

Navigate to the Web user interface of the removed node to configure it. You can add the node to different existing Log Insight cluster or start a new standalone deployment.