You can view and manage information about guest users. A guest user is either a directory server user not synched to Horizon Workspace or someone outside of the enterprise, whom Horizon Workspace users specifically invite to access selected folders.

As an administrator, you can allow Horizon Workspace users to provide guest users with access to specific files. You can then monitor and manage the guest users. For example, you can see who the guest users are and you can lock out or delete specific guest users.


Log in to the Administrator Web interface.


To view and manage user information, click Users & Groups > Guest Users .

The Guest Users page lists the email address, last login time, and access status of every guest user associated with your Horizon Workspace deployment.


Manage guest users as needed.

To delete guest users, check the check box for each guest user you want to delete and click Delete Users.

This action removes guest users from Horizon Workspace. Deleted guest users lose access to all files previously shared with them.

To prevent guest users from logging in to Horizon Workspace, click Lock for each guest user to whom you want to block access.

You can use this option to temporarily block access to Horizon Workspace.

To unblock access to previously blocked guest users, click Unlock for each guest user to whom you want to unblock access. When you unlock guest users, they are again able to access the files previously shared with them.