Using VMware Horizon™ HTML Access Web client, you can connect to remote desktops without having to install any software on your client system.

These help topics provide instructions for using remote desktops. Use this Web client to access your remote desktop when you are using a client device that does not or cannot have Horizon Client software installed in its operating system. The Horizon Client software offers more features and better performance.

The following browsers are supported for using HTML Access:


Internet Explorer


Mobile Safari


HTML Access 2.6

38 and 39

10 and 11

6.2, 7, and 8

iOS 7 or later


HTML Access 2.5

35, 36, and 37

9 (limited support), 10, and 11

6.1.3 and 7

iOS 7 or later

30 and 31

HTML Access 2.4

33 and 34

9 (limited support), 10, and 11

6.1.3 and 7

iOS 7 or later

28 and 29

For more information about your remote desktops and the software installed in them, contact your View administrator.