The Web client provided by HTML Access has product limitations with regard to sound playback and keyboards.

Audio playback is not supported for Windows XP and Windows Vista remote desktops.

Internet Explorer 9 is not supported with HTML Access 2.6. For HTML Access 2.4 and 2.5, Internet Explorer 9 is supported, but that version of the browser does not support many of the HTML5 features provided with HTML Access. The features that are not supported by Internet Explorer 9 ( even with HTML Access 2.4 or 2.5) include audio playback, clipboard redirection, mouse cursor changes, and full-screen mode, among others.

If you use an Internet Explorer browser or a browser on handheld devices such as iPads and Android tablets, the mouse pointer types do not change dynamically based on the location of the pointer.

Some of the unavailable types are the busy cursor, the drag cursor, and the resize cursor. For example, on Internet Explorer browsers and mobile device browsers, when you move the mouse pointer over a link on a Web page in a remote desktop, the mouse pointer does not change to a hand icon. If you move the mouse pointer to the edge of a window, the pointer does not change to resizing arrows. If you are editing text, the pointer does not change to a cursor. You can still perform the actions, but the pointer remains a pointer.

Some modifier keys, special keys, and key combinations do not work in a remote desktop. For more information, and for information about using international keyboards, see Keyboard Limitations and International Keyboards.