You can add, configure, and provision applications for your organization.


On the Applications tab, click Add Application.

The list of applications that are available for your organization appears in the source catalog.


Search for the application you would like to add, either by scrolling through the source catalog or by entering the application name in the Search for Apps text box. If you want to add an application that is not included in your source catalog, click Add an application... and enter the required information.


Click Add to add the application.


In the Edit Application page, complete the application details.



Application Info

View or change the icon, name, or description for the application.

Application URLs

View the launch and login URLs for the application. Some URLs are editable.

User Credentials

View or change user login and password settings.

SAML Parameters

View or copy the SAML parameters for the application.

License Tracking

Add license information for the application so that you can track license usage in reports.

Group Entitlements

Add group entitlements based on rules you set up.


If you plan to provision the application, do that before adding group or user entitlements.

Individual User Entitlements

If needed, add entitlements for individual users.


Click Back to Applications.

The application is added to your organization and appears in the list of applications.

After adding applications, you can add group and individual user entitlements. Some applications, like Google Apps, allow provisioning. If you plan to provision, you should do that before adding entitlements.